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Hanami is the Japanese custom of welcoming the short-lived blossoms of the Sakura (Cherry Blossom). The word literally means "flower viewing". People come with their mats and bento boxes at the peak of its bloom, and picnic under the glorious Sakura tree. The blooms usually last for about two weeks, and then people have to wait until the following year to see its beautiful blooms again.

My book--HANAMI, came to be after many sleepless nights. I wanted to tell a story of a strong girl trying to master her demons, but right before losing her humanity completely, she discovers love.

The story came to life and it refused to be ignored. It endured numerous rewrites from bursts of inspiration at the oddest and most inconvenient of times, but because of this, I had the most fun writing it.

I remember putting myself to sleep, playing the story in my head... of what Sakura would look like or how Jin would feel upon seeing her. Although entirely fictional, I felt honored to write their story. I hope my readers will enjoy the same.

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